My first impression to this movie was Keira’s skinny body. (Sorry for that)

And the second is a wrong match of marriage. It shows the consequences when a couple shared different values. It is quite obvious that Georgiana represents women who are longing for love and respect, while the duke shows interest in nothing other than power and fame, a traditional noble. One of Georgiana’s lines is about “freedom” tells exactly her opinion towards her marriage – she is not free at all. In fact she was “partly free”, if she fulfilled Duke’s order. (“Just like your dogs” – is another line that leave a strong impression on this issue.) One can see that she is always aspired to a revolution, of both England and her life.

It reminds me the famous play “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare, which is of course, having a very different theme, but they share the same idea that wife should obey to husband, which Georgiana finally did in the movie. (Wow, I recall a similar ending of Shiki in the game “Togainu no Chi”. No love, but only obedience.)

Another important theme presented in the movie is maternal love. Both Georgiana and her friend Elizabeth love their children so much that they can give up friendship and true love in their life.  You will see the extraordinary acting of Keira when Georgiana have to leave her daughter in the later part of movie.

This is a marvelous film and I recommend it to those who do not reject watching sexual scenes. XD

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